Texas House Speaker Joe Straus and his cronies are reeling after being exposed for their efforts to appoint a strident opponent of Second Amendment rights to the Texas Ethics Commission. 
While Straus himself is saying nothing, an unsigned statement from the Texas House Republican Caucus is attempting to quell concerns that someone who says she wants to “dismantle” the National Rifle Association could be placed in a position to do so in the Lone Star State.
In their statement, the caucus says its members have “great confidence” Straus will appoint “the best” Democrat. Someone might want to explain what “best” means; is it an appointee who will respect the constitutional rights of citizens to speak and engage in government, or someone who will tow the establishment line quelling political speech?
(Ironically, the Caucus isn’t denying that the anti-Second Amendment liberal won’t still be appointed, only that someone in Straus’ office has assured an unnamed person with the caucus that the deal isn’t done yet.)
The Republican Caucus, helmed by State Rep. Tan Parker of Flower Mound, is feeling heat about their speaker’s apparent willingness to appoint a radical leftist to the TEC. Texans have learned, even if the GOP caucus has not, that the coalition of Democrats and Republicans propping up Straus will always be at war with conservative principles.
You can let your state representative know what you think by calling their office directly512-463-0750 or by calling the Capitol switchboard at 512-463-4630.
Respectfully Yours,
Michael Quinn Sullivan
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