mary_lou_portraitMarch 7, 2016
Dear Editor,
Recently the Tyler Morning News printed a letter to the editor from Douglas Bruster, a liberal UT Austin-San Antonio professor.  Mr. Bruster encouraged the voters of Tyler/East Texas to vote for Keven Ellis for the State Board of Education because of my “radical ideas” which he did not innumerate.

Please allow me to tell you about my “radical ideas” the liberal professor hates so much.

I want Texas to get back to the basics and teach the fundamental knowledge and skills that made the USA the leader of the world.  I believe our public schools should use time-proven methods such as phonics, cursive handwriting, and grammar rules.  I believe schools should teach all of the multiplication tables instead of just the 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. I believe that teachers should be allowed to teach children — not tests.  We should respect the stages of child growth and development when developing the curriculum.

Finally, we should allow and encourage teachers to use their creativity, talents, and skills in their classrooms instead of reading the prepared script from a CScope teacher’s manual.  It doesn’t require a teaching certificate for a person to read from a teachers’ manual.

We know that if teachers do not enjoy teaching the students do not enjoy learning.

Texas parents tell me repeatedly they do not want the CScope/Common Core curriculum in their schools because progressive education seeks to fundamentally change the way students think and the new curriculum disrespects the moral beliefs and values that made the USA a great nation.  Common Core seeks to destroy organized religion and it promotes unhealthy sexual experimentation beginning in pre-school and kindergarten.

I was born and raised in East Texas.  I spent my entire career teaching children in East Texas.  I know what Texas parents want for their children.

Keven Ellis came to Texas from Washington state, one of the most liberal states in the U.S. A. No wonder Keven Ellis likes CScope-Common Core curriculum so much!

I hope all East Texans will vote their values on May 24.  It is essential that conservatives make their wishes known at the polls.  If moral, ethical, intelligent informed citizens do not show up to pick their leaders A-moral, Atheistic, unethical, uninformed voters will get their way.  It is just that simple.

Now get informed about all of the candidates, and get out the vote! I’ll see you at the polls!

Mary Lou Bruner

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