for libertyToday, Texas Campaign for Liberty  pointed out that Jay Dean, the 17 year politician and candidate running in the Texas House District  7, REFUSED to answer the survey forwarded to “ALL” of  House District 7 candidates.

In a letter by Bryon Schirmbeck, the State Coordinator of Texas Campaign for Liberty, he points out Dean’s actions:

  • Dean donated to Republican bill killer, Speaker Joe Straus;
  • Dean’s repeatedly refused to say whether he will support Speaker Straus or stand with pro-limited government conservatives across the district;
  • Dean even had the audacity to publicly declare that the special-interest, big-government operatives in District 7 are the “TRUE Conservatives”; and
  • “Establishment” candidates like Dean have a have a history of trying to ignore their constituents in favor of special interests.”

“From his [Jay Dean] dependency on federal dollars for socialized transportation, to his support of a $6 million extravagant animal shelter, Dean has an affinity for big-government waste


On the other hand – David Watts, the conservative and liberty-minded candidate for House District 7, pledged to fight to restore liberty in Texas and do everything he can to reduce the size of government and restore individual liberties. 


no fighter


“There’s no doubt about it – the 2016 elections will be critical to the future of Texas.  Our nation’s fragile economy is cracking under the weight of too much spending, too much taxation, and too much government involvement.”

This is why we stand with the liberty-minded, limited government conservative candidate, David Watts for Texas House.

Just in case you did not receive the Liberty letter, read it here: