Jay Dean’s nine years of red light cameras

Jay Dean ASKED voters to look at his record. We did.  Don’t like what we found? Neither do we! #ownuptoitlikeaTexan

redlight-camera-3“By early 2014 it was widely reported that Redflex Traffic Systems was in the midst of a massive bribery scandal across the U.S. involving 13 states and “dozens of municipalities.” It was apparently standard operating procedure for Redflex to bribe city officials.

Armed with these widely-known reports, my opponent should have shown leadership and worked to immediately end the Redflex red-light camera contract with Longview.

Instead, he did nothing. Until 2015, when he and the city council actually evaluated whether to extend the contract for 10 years!”  ~ David Watts

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UPDATE: Anti-school-choice Parent PAC and their guy Jay Dean

CFJaLIeWoAEODHrTexas Parent PAC released a list of endorsements of which included Jay Dean – the liberal Republican challenger to pro-limited government and pro-liberty fighter David Watts – and other liberal Republicans and a group of Democrats. Parent PAC is funded by Charles Butt, the CEO of H-E-B Grocery Stores, who has committed his family’s fortune to backing left-wing candidates.

The below story by Tony McDonald references Scott Fischer.  Jay Dean and Scott Fisher are both on Parents PAC’s endorsement list. (See below)

Check out the information McDonald points out about Texas Parents PAC:

After taking fire for receiving an endorsement from Texas Parent PAC, a liberal school administrator special interest group, Scott Fisher defended the support he’s received from liberal activists. On social media, Fisher praised endorsements he has received from liberal Democrats, including a supporter of Bernie Sanders.

On Monday, Parent PAC released a list of endorsements praising Scott Fisher – the liberal Republican challenger to taxpayer champion Jonathan Sticklandand other liberal Republicans and a group of Democrats. Parent PAC is funded by Charles Butt, the CEO of H-E-B Grocery Stores, who has committed his family’s fortune to backing left-wing candidates.

Scott Fisher Touts Support from Liberal Democrats
Scott Fisher is touting an endorsement he received from a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Fisher quickly took fire for taking money and endorsements from the same donors who had backed Wendy Davis. In response, he doubled down, praising the endorsements he has received from Democrats. On Facebook, Scott Fisher wrote:

“My opponent claims that the endorsement of Texas Parent PAC should be of concern to conservative voters in HD 92. For the record, 2 of 5 board members of Texas Parent PAC are former HEB Board President Ellen Jones, and former HEB School Superintendent Gene Buinger. I am proud to have their endorsement!! [sic]”

Ellen Jones endorsed Wendy Davis and contributed to her campaign for Senate in 2008 and 2012. Gene Buinger has been a consistent backer of left wing causes and campaigns.

Buinger has donated thousands to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, as well as the PAC “Dollars for Democrats.” Buinger has also backed the Texas Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, the John Edwards campaign, and the election and reelection of President Barack Obama.

This cycle, along with endorsing Scott Fisher, Gene Buinger is giving money to back the socialist Bernie Sanders for President.

In 2014, Parent PAC supported Libby Willis, the Democratic opponent to Tarrant County’s taxpayer champion, Sen. Konni Burton.

As voters in House District 92 begin early voting, the conservative façade on Scott Fisher’s campaign is falling apart.

Earlier this month, Fisher was exposed for promoting the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare when he was on the board of Tarrant County’s public hospital. Given that expanding Medicaid is the top healthcare plank of the Texas Democratic Party’s platform, it should be no surprise that liberal Democrats are backing Fisher over the conservative Stickland in the Republican primary.

– See more at: http://www.empowertexans.com/around-texas/scott-fisher-touts-endorsement-from-bernie-sanders-supporter/#sthash.TzIhJgVn.dpuf

Below is the list of the liberal Republican’s Parents PAC endorsed. Every one of these candidates has sworn to oppose private school choice/vouchers and potentially opposes open-enrollment charter schools as well.

Republican Primaries – Texas Senate
SD 1: Red Brown, Lindale
SD 24: Susan King, Abilene

Republican Primaries – Texas House of Representatives
HD 1: Rep. Gary VanDeaver, New Boston
HD 4: Lance Gooden, Terrell
HD 5: Jay Misenheimer, Lindale
HD 7: Jay Dean, Longview
HD 8: Rep. Byron Cook, Corsicana
HD 17: Rep. John Cyrier, Lockhart
HD 54: Scott Cosper, Killeen
HD 55: Hugh Shine, Temple
HD 58: Rep. DeWayne Burns, Cleburne
HD 59: Rep. J. D. Sheffield, Gatesville
HD 60: Kevin Downing, Granbury
HD 64: Lynn Stucky, Sanger
HD 71: Stan Lambert, Abilene
HD 73: Rep. Doug Miller, New Braunfels
HD 92: Scott Fisher, Euless
HD 94: Andrew Piel, Arlington
HD 99: Rep. Charlie Geren, Fort Worth
HD 115: Bennett Ratliff, Coppell

Democratic Primaries – Texas House of Representatives
HD 49: Gina Hinojosa, Austin
HD 77: Lina Ortega, El Paso
HD 137: Rep. Gene Wu, Houston
HD 144: Mary Ann Perez, Houston

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Who is Philip Hayes?

From left to right, candidates House District 5 will be at the Grassroots America forum — Hayes, Davis and Hefner – Picture by Tyler Morning Telegraph

TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH — Texas House District 5 candidate Philip Hayes has not been able to produce proof that he graduated from Southern Methodist University, as he has repeatedly claimed throughout his campaign, on his websites and in multiple interviews.

SMU directed the Tyler Paper to its official transcript verification service, National Student Clearinghouse, which shows that Hayes attended SMU from fall of 2009 to December 2011 and indicates no degree, enrollment only.

Contacted Thursday afternoon, Hayes said SMU was in error and that he could produce proof he graduated. He also pledged to contact SMU himself to get the issue resolved.

By Thursday evening, he had neither produced any documentation nor contacted SMU.

In an editorial board interview with the Tyler Paper on February 4, Hayes spoke about his education and his undergraduate and graduate degrees. His master’s thesis was on President Andrew Jackson, he said.

Hayes’ campaign website says, “After graduating from Southern Methodist University, he returned home to East Texas to serve on the Hideaway, TX city council.”

According to his business website, Industrial Cleaning Solutions, “He completed his undergrad and masters at SMU in Dallas and is a PhD candidate in American History at the University of Texas at Austin.”

Hayes won a debate scholarship to SMU in 2008 with an estimated value of $150,000.

In a conference call on Thursday, Hayes said he attended SMU from fall 2009 to fall 2013 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in American history. His name did not appear in SMU’s December 2013 commencement program.

Hayes said Thursday he had trouble adjusting to college life as a freshman and was put on academic probation, but with the help of classes at Tyler Junior College, he was able to overcome those early struggles.

He said he had copy of his transcript and degree but did not produce those documents.

Hayes, 25, announced his candidacy for the House District 5 seat in September. He said he’s the most experienced candidate in the race, having served two terms on the Hideaway City Council and as a campaign staffer to Gov. Greg Abbott and legislative aide to state Sen. Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels.

Hayes faces four other candidates in the March 1 Republican primary election – Randy Davis, Holly Coggins Hayes, Cole Hefner and Jay Misenheimer.

Early voting runs through Feb. 26.

Published on Thursday, 18 February 2016 20:37 – Written by ADAM RUSSELL and ROY MAYNARD

Texas Campaign for Liberty calls Jay Dean out

for libertyToday, Texas Campaign for Liberty  pointed out that Jay Dean, the 17 year politician and candidate running in the Texas House District  7, REFUSED to answer the survey forwarded to “ALL” of  House District 7 candidates.

In a letter by Bryon Schirmbeck, the State Coordinator of Texas Campaign for Liberty, he points out Dean’s actions:

  • Dean donated to Republican bill killer, Speaker Joe Straus;
  • Dean’s repeatedly refused to say whether he will support Speaker Straus or stand with pro-limited government conservatives across the district;
  • Dean even had the audacity to publicly declare that the special-interest, big-government operatives in District 7 are the “TRUE Conservatives”; and
  • “Establishment” candidates like Dean have a have a history of trying to ignore their constituents in favor of special interests.”

“From his [Jay Dean] dependency on federal dollars for socialized transportation, to his support of a $6 million extravagant animal shelter, Dean has an affinity for big-government waste


On the other hand – David Watts, the conservative and liberty-minded candidate for House District 7, pledged to fight to restore liberty in Texas and do everything he can to reduce the size of government and restore individual liberties. 


no fighter


“There’s no doubt about it – the 2016 elections will be critical to the future of Texas.  Our nation’s fragile economy is cracking under the weight of too much spending, too much taxation, and too much government involvement.”

This is why we stand with the liberty-minded, limited government conservative candidate, David Watts for Texas House.

Just in case you did not receive the Liberty letter, read it here: