One on hand, Longview Mayor Jay Dean sent a letter of support for the first ever LGBT parade in East Texas.

On the other hand, David Watts authored the Traditional Marriage Proclamation happily signed by Longview’s current Mayor Andy Mack.

A proclamation in support of “traditional marriage” drafted by Longview-area residents was signed Thursday by Mayor Andy Mack.

Signed and dated on Thursday — the day before a 5-4 U.S. Supreme Court ruling — all parties involved maintain the timing was purely coincidental.

“The timing of it is interesting, though we didn’t plan it that way, and I’m sure the mayor didn’t, either,” David Watts Jr. said Friday. Watts was one of several area residents who submitted the proclamation. “But in light of the news today, and the issue of marriage being a hot issue right now, I’m delighted with the way it all worked out.”